Certified Irrigation Auditor (CIA)

Course includes ALL C.I.A. Courses 301-307

Irrigator Tech’s Certified Irrigation Auditor Certification, (C.I.A.) course is hands down the most comprehensive water auditing course available. Other associations advertise water auditing and management certifications that do nothing more than fall short of the bar that we have set in this all inclusive instructional course. All classes will include field labs so be prepared for outside work, you will get a little wet. Each class will end with a review of the class topics and a quiz. Class number six will consist of a course review and the certification exam. Certification Requirements: Attend all six C.I.A. course classes and pass the C.I.A. course exam with a score of 90% or better. To maintain certification, auditors must submit documentation of four completed audits per year along with a $25 evaluation fee. In the event that students do not maintain currency they must take Class 306 review and testing for renewal and then continue to submit 4 audits a year with the $25 annually. Testing Only: students with proficiency may choose to take Class #306 for the certification test only and are required to score 90% or better. Students may re-test as many times as necessary. 


Class Descriptions

Course includes ALL C.I.A. Courses 301-307

Class #301: Certified Irrigation AuditorWater Use AnalysisThis first class in the course will begin with an introduction to the auditing process and an overview of water management principles. Then students will begin the first step in the auditing process and learn how to read water meters, evaluate water billing records, gather plant weather data, and measure plant canopy area. With this information, students will then calculate the cost-effective potential for establishing a water management program for any landscape site.Class #302: Certified Irrigation AuditorSite InspectionIn the second class, students will learn how to conduct visual inspections of the various station zones in operation, identify plant material, take soil samples, conduct pressure checks, and determine if there are any unseen water leaks. Students will learn how document problems with photos, use manual and recording pressure gauges, determine soil texture type, and identify plant problems as a result of poor irrigation practices. Class #303: Certified Irrigation AuditorIrrigation System Tune-UpThe third of six classes we will evaluate the results from the Site Inspection and learn how to make system adjustments to get the best system performance station by station. Students will learn how to adjust water pressure and control flow rates. For sites with severe problems, we will discuss potential design and/or equipment changes. Finally, we will prepare for the upcoming Performance Tests.Class #304: Certified Irrigation AuditorPerformance TestsClass number four will be an intensive field work session. We will conduct multiple performance tests of sprinkler, bubbler, and drip stations. We will gather field data and analyze this information to determine station net precipitation rates, distribution or emission uniformity, and runoff time. Further discussion will include soil water uniformity and hydraulic redistribution and their impacts on irrigation scheduling. Class #305: Certified Irrigation AuditorIrrigation SchedulingIn class number five, students will learn how to calculate a Irrigation Base Schedule from collected field data. Using software, we will build a schedule step by step considering plant factors, microclimate influences, system performance, root zone characteristics, and site scheduling limitations. Next, students we will learn how to implement, fine tune, and monitor the schedules for successful water management. Further discussion will include controllers, flow sensors, and flow management.Class #306: Certified Irrigation AuditorCourse Review and CertificationIn sixth and final class, we will review all previous classes, answer any outstanding questions, and then conduct the certification exam.Yearly Renewal:  Certified Irrigation Auditor (CIA)Certificate Renewal & Test OnlyThis is a six hour class for those that already maintain an auditor certification. Class reviews all subject matter and new yearly updates. Reviews made on students contributions shared with class. Test at end of session



  •  Length of Course:  32 Hours
  •  4 Week Course:
  •  CEU Earned: 40 CEU Credits
  •  Certificate Earned: Irrigation Auditor
  •  All classes must be attended
  •  No refunds

Why Irrigator Technical Training School?

Our courses provide you with a basic easy to understand approach both in the classroom and in your field of training.  Our irrigation training program  provides you with a well recognized certification that consumers and employers recognize. Completing certification by from Irrigator Tech training program increases students' chances of becoming employed in the Irrigation and Lawn Maintenance Industry.

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